Teen Book Club is a book club for teens! Our Teen Book Club is hosted by Nadia L King author of YA novel Jenna's Truth. It occurs on the last Friday of every month, and is a safe place for teens who are interested in thinking about stories and books. Each month we select a book that we think you'll really enjoy reading and discussing. We'll give you the background on the author and answer any points you raise. Also, there are snacks! A great way to start the weekend. 

Do you have any questions about Teen Book Club, want to know what kind of environment the Centre is, or perhaps you have some suggestions for books you would like to read as well? Get in touch with us at info@centreforstories.com

Books we have read thus far: 

  • Waer by Meg Caddy
  • A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
  • Risk by Fleur Ferris


Upcoming Teen Book Club