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Margaret River Press is delighted to invite you to the launch of the publication Impossible Preludes by Andrew Taylor.

Reflecting a life spread across two continents, Impossible Preludes continues Taylor’s restless probing of the contradictions of life and language. Here are love poems, poems about language and silence, an elegy for a cat, and an interview with a querulous mathematician, as well as poems dealing with the cruelties of contemporary world politics, ageing, and delight in nature. Once again, the collection shows the stimulating range of tone and style that has been a hallmark of all his poetry.

To be launched by Dennis Haskell.

'Impossible Preludes is the book of a master poet contemplating older age and the world as it is now; what is lost, what is being lost, and how to accommodate these things in one’s life. The classic markers of Taylor’s poetry are all fully evident in this work: lucidity, wit, glimpses into the natural and made world and the bringing together of these in sensitive but robust dialogue, literary allusion, and an easeful, confident control of the line. This generous book opens a new phase in Taylor’s poetics: the wistful, contemplative and celebratory, quite often against the odds.’ John Kinsella

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