Meet the Intern: Maia Churchill

Maia Churchill has been working on something special for us. In collaboration with screen students from Curtin University, she's been developing a short documentary about the Perth Mosque. We had a chat to her about interning here at Centre for Stories: 


Describe yourself in 3 words

Passionate. Analytical. Creative.


What are you studying at university and what has been your favourite unit/subject to date?

I am currently studying for a Masters of Media and Communications, specifically the Creative Practice stream, at Curtin University. However, my favourite unit to date has to be the Experimental Writing unit from my Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing) degree. 


What does a typical day involve as an intern at the Centre for Stories? What has been your favourite part of the experience?

Most days at Centre for Stories I have largely been left to my own devices, as my work tends to be centered around research and story composition, such as through the composition of storyboards. I have also been working in collaboration with screen students from Curtin University in order to compose a short documentary about the Perth Mosque and the Muslim community in Perth, which has been a new and interesting experience for me. I've also been able to work outside the project on occasion, having helped out with a book launch and even sit-in on some of the events held at Centre for Stories, which have both been enjoyable and a valuable insight into the inner workings of the industry and the often overlooked arts community in Perth. My favourite part of working with Centre for Stories, however, has been the opportunity to gain real-world experience in a field that I wanted to work in but otherwise had little access to. Being able to work with and under the supervision of industry professionals such as Caroline Wood is an excellent learning experience that will stick with me throughout my entire career.


What is your favourite way to consume stories?

While I do enjoy all mediums for storytelling, due to a busy lifestyle, I tend to be drawn to audio-visual forms of storytelling, such as movies, television, or online videos, as they are both highly immersive forms of storytelling and generally more time-efficient. However, when I can, I do enjoy a good physical book, as opposed to something like an eBook. Nothing compares to weight of a book in your hands, and the physical feeling of turning a page.


Do you have a favourite story?

Though not really a single story, I have recently discovered a love for the works of Terry Pratchett, which is almost ironic for me to say considering how time consuming his books can be; you honestly have to re-read each book at least once because of all the footnotes.