Shaynee Brayshaw: Because of Her, We Can


Because of Her, We Can is a series of stories collected for NAIDOC Week 2018. Theyโ€™re inspired by the NAIDOC 2018 theme which celebrates the role that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have played โ€“ and continue to play โ€“ at community, local, state and national levels. 

The collection of this story was funded by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority

This series also included stories from Brianna Ozies, Tim Muirhead, Joan Foley, Gina Williams, and Nina Boydell.

Shaynee Brayshaw is a performer, a mother, and an interior designer. Here, she talks about discovering her culture through her grandmother, who was part of The Stolen Generation.

This story was produced by Anna Forrest.