An Interview with Wendy Yorke

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Wendy Yorke works in association with The Susan Mears Literary Agency with offices in London, Los Angeles, and Dubai. She founded her international business - WRITE | EDIT | PUBLISH – to help new writers to become published authors, creating new futures for themselves, and improving the lives of other people by sharing their messages through their published works. She author coached and/or edited five Amazon bestselling authors in 2017.

Wendy will be running a workshop at the Centre for Stories on 7 November 2018. She will always be available for individual mentoring sessions.

What is your elevator pitch? 

I established my international business  – WRITE | EDIT | PUBLISH – to help writers become published authors – creating new futures for themselves and improving the lives of other people by sharing their messages with the world through their books. I coach people to write books, I provide professional editing and proof reading services, and I support and guide authors through the publishing process. 

What led you down this career path?

This is a lifestyle business. I run my business to help improve other peoples' lives because it aligns my passion and my purpose. I believe through this business I am making my best contribution to the world. I believe we are all here to help improve other peoples' lives and I live this personal philosophy every day in my business. It is not my work. It is my passion, and where I can shine best in the world I believe - with a little help - everyone can shine in the world and be their best. The first step is asking for help and accepting that help, so together people can be brilliant at all they do and through their activities help other people.

Why are you passionate about helping writers specifically?

I believe that everyone's story matters and we have all have a story or key message to share with other people, which can help improve, change and transform other peoples' lives. Through my business I want to empower other people to access their clarity, stand in their power with confidence, and create an impact in the world with their book.

What is your favourite thing about the work you do? 

Writing a book is a transformational journey and I love to see how writers develop into the role of being a published author through the process. They stand taller, believe in themselves for real and gain an elevated confidence and place in the world as the "go to expert" in their field. They become shining stars, literally gleaming with enthusiasm and using their light to help others. It is very rewarding for me as their author coach to see them grow and spread their wings like a chrysalis becoming a beautiful butterfly. Books elevate the person, their work and their contribution to the world. When you publish a book you become an authority on that topic with all the trimmings and bonuses that brings with it and that is very exciting for everyone: the author, the readers, the literary agent, author coach, and book editor!

What was it like establishing your business WRITE | EDIT | PUBLISH?

It was daunting to leave my secure, predictable corporate job, but I knew, in my heart, that it was my life's purpose and my passion to help other people in the world in this way - to help improve writers’ lives and their readers' lives and to help create new futures for everyone. And it is going so well that I know I was right. It also gave me the personal space and freedom to work when I wanted to, where I wanted to, how I wanted, and to travel internationally working with writers all across the globe, as much as I like. A win-win for everyone!

Can you tell us about the course that you will run at the Centre? 

My group session will be a shortened version of my one day programme “Writer to Published Author”, giving participants the critical path they need to progress their book concept to draft manuscript, to completed master manuscript, to self-ending and professional content editing, to book production and launch, either via the traditional mainstream publishing or, if they wish, the self-publishing routes to market.

My individual sessions are personalised, confidential and objective, author coaching sessions and will address the particular fears, concerns and any blockages of each writer. This session will provide writers with their own unique SMART Action Plan to achieve their book writing completion, editing and publication goals. Through strategic coaching exercise writers will gain the clarity they need to write, start to build their confidence, and understand how they can create their impact in the world. 

What is your number one tip for authors (if we may know the secret)? 

To be 100% clear about your book’s what, why, who, and how BEFORE you start writing. To understand how important this is to a book's market success, they need to come to either the group or individual sessions next week.

“Wendy helps you to access your unique clarity, whether it is for writing a book or facing any of life’s many challenges. She enables you to find and hold on to your own sense of stillness, with freedom and space, to connect to your being-ness and to allow your book messages and content to come forth effortlessly.”

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, awardwinning published author, physiologist and sleep therapist

“Working with Wendy makes me feel held. She helps you to feel safe, and nurtured. She has the ability to take you into the stillness to love and listen to yourself, knowing you are enough right now. When you have this knowing, you can hear the messages from within: who you are, why you are here, what you are here to create and contribute, and how to write your book.”

Rosie Tomkins, founder of Instinctive Intelligence, Natural Capital Consultants Limited UK, management consultant and business entrepreneur

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