An Interview with Gosia Gorna


Gosia Gorna in an award-winning transformational coach and author of the best selling book The Expansion Game, which won the Best Coaching Book Award 2018 in the Spiritual Books Awards. In the past 20 years she has helped many leaders and change makers to make outstanding decisions and be more impactful. She is the creator of the highly effective technique, The Expansion Game, which helps people to turn their fear into their success. Gosia will be running a workshop at the Centre for Stories on 8 November 2018. She will always be available for individual mentoring sessions.

What led you down this career path?

Before I became a coach, I worked as a macrobiotic cook for women with cancer. I believed that food was the most important part of healing. 

In the process of working with thousands of people, I realised how important our mindset is and that our emotions have a very big effect on our immunity. I have retrained in order to help people to take take care of their minds, hearts, emotions, dreams, mission and creativity – which are crucially important for leading a healthy and happy life. In one of those sessions, I was trying to deal with my client's fear of dying (she was only 24 years old and had serious cancer), and I discovered the Expansion Game. Developing this fear-releasing method has changed my career completely.

Why are you passionate about helping writers specifically?

Writing my book was hugely therapeutic for me. It has changed so much in my life. It taught me more about how to structure my thoughts, what my real message is, and why I am here on this planet. I procrastinated writing my book for almost ten years, fooling myself into thinking that I was busy, when really, all along, I was deeply scared of judgment – that I am not good enough, not clever enough, not educated enough, that I would be criticised and found to be a fraud. I needed to use my own technique on myself. Writing my book has shifted so much of this. I feel that I stopped being selfish by withholding information that could help so many people in the world. I do believe fear makes us selfish. So getting my message out there feels so wonderful and it has opened so many doors for me that would never have otherwise opened.

Writing my book made me more happy, confident and successful. This is in fact why I am coming to Centre for Stories! If it wasn't for me taking this step to write and being supported by Wendy Yorke, who has held my hand in the  process, I would have never come to Perth to speak to you! 

What is your favourite thing about the work you do? 

I help change makers to be clearer about who they are and what they are here to do.

It makes me so happy to see people shine brightly doing what they came here to do with confidence. Seeing my client’s brilliance spread throughout the world is my greatest joy.

What was it like establishing your business?

It happened very organically and naturally. I never set out to open my business, I just did what I loved and was good at. I was always led by a desire to help others more and to keep on learning better ways of working with the mind and the heart.

The more I have focused on how to help others more effectively, the greater success and fulfilment I have experienced.

Can you tell us about the course that you will run at the Centre? 

I will share a story of how I came up with this amazing method. I will show everybody how the technique works by demonstrating with some audience members who are ready to progress their writing but feel that something is slowing them down.

There will be time to hear my top tips for successful writing. I will share a powerful visualisation  that will help to create greater flow and ease in the creative process. The session will be very interactive, fun and highly practical.

What is your number one tip for authors (if we may know the secret)? 

My top tip for writers is this:

Allow the book to write you. Connect with your soul and write. Don't read over things and correct your writing until you’ve finished the book completely. As you write from your heart and soul, you will find that the book has a very different energy for the readers. People feel the energy of the writer and his or her state in the sentences as they read. 

Take care of the state and flow. If you write in this manner, it will be like an art form that will heal you and others. Always do a short mediation before you write so you feel peaceful and heart centred.

How do you feel your work has helped writers? 

I have helped writers tap into their core messages that are the corner stone of their book. I gather these messages which are coming straight from their heart and soul before they have a chance to judge it. I helped them to reduce the fears that previously made them play small, hide and procrastinate. I have helped many writers turn their biggest fear into success. 

“I was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in the summer of 2012. As well as being devastated by the news, I also felt very lost and alone. Meeting Gosia at a breast cancer charity event helped me to develop a whole new and much more positive attitude. Gosia’s guidance, encouragement and support was crucial to me developing the courage and confidence to write ‘When Cancer Saved My Life’. The Expansion Game techniques she introduced to me gave me the clarity and confidence to believe that my experiences with cancer could have a positive impact on the lives of other cancer patients.”

Millicent Pierre-Louis, Entrepreneur, cancer survivor, changer maker

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