Centre for Stories is voting 'yes'!

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Centre for Stories is dedicated to collecting and sharing stories that strengthen connections and encourage a more engaged and inclusive community. An inclusive community is a community that does not see difference as threatening, but embraces and celebrates it. It is a community that opens doors for others and invites marginalised people into the discussion. This means recognising that history and tradition are important and that we can grow and change for the better.  We emphasise this here because Australians are now being asked to vote on whether or not we believe same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. Our answer at the Centre for Stories is ‘yes’! 

While we acknowledge that the voluntary marriage postal poll is unnecessary, we urge everyone to vote. We and many others will continue to ask you to make your voice heard on this issue. This will be online and in the streets. We encourage you to join us and to vote yes. Be part of the conversation to make history in Australia and help us make our community more inclusive. 

Talk to your family about voting yes. Talk to your neighbour about voting yes. Talk to a stranger about voting yes. Be brave. Have a conversation! We’re scared about a ‘no’ outcome. That result would be a loss for equality and diversity in this country. It would be a step backward. This is a vote we have to win, not only for those of us marginalised by the continuing discrimination faced by the LGBTQI+ community. This matters for those we love; our family members; our friends. So, take part in making our community stronger and better.

With love and in solidarity, 

The Centre for Stories Team!

Kelly Fliedner