Pop in between 11am and 12:30pm to listen to and watch some of the amazing West Australian stories we've collected over the past few months.

Our brand new video stories collected in collaboration with the Office of Multicultural Interests for Harmony Week 2017 will be available to watch. These nine stories surround the themes Food, Faith and Love in WA. Listen to Fauzia, a woman from Afghanistan who sends her kids over to her neighbours with plates of food every week because her mother taught her that those who smell the food as it is being prepared must taste it too. Jamaican man Osric travelled 15000km running away from heartbreak and found love in Australia. Takako is Japanese and her husband of 40 years, Velaphi, is Zimbabwean. They tell us, "you don't talk about racism, you do something about it by confronting it with your very existence." 

You will also be able to listen to stories from A Mile in My Shoes, our collaboration with the Empathy Museum for PIAF 2016. Listen to Dalwinder Singh, devoted Sikh and taxi driver who dedicates his spare time to engaging in conversations with strangers and increasing awareness about Sikhism. He believes that through conversation, we are able to break down barriers. Dianne Lawrence tells us about the challenges of being the mother of a transgender child, and how she's been on a journey of her own alongside her son. Jeremy Smith has achondroplasia, the cause of what is commonly known as dwarfism. He encourages people to ask questions about physical differences, so that we can increase the understanding and celebration of diversity in the world. Kaliyugan Pathmanathan fled the Sri Lankan civil war when he was a child. Years later, he came to Australia by boat as a refugee where he has made his home in Perth. He says he struggles to be happy knowing that there are still so many people who don't have freedom. 

These stories and many more will available to listen to and watch at the Centre for Stories. Morning tea will be provided and our staff will be available if you would like to chat about what makes a good story or any story ideas you may have. 

We'd love to see you there!