Ms Doogs Panel Discussion: Women in the Arts

Ms Doogs-2.jpg

Ms Doogs was a workshop-meets-discussion #safespace focussed on gendered experiences in the arts. Held at Camp Doogs 2017, Claudia Mancini (Centre for Stories), Rok Riley (RTRFM), Jennifer Aslett (Boat Show), and Mei Saraswati used storytelling as a way of increasing the dialogue surrounding the female experience in the arts industry, and to encourage other voices to share their stories. 

Photo: Matt Aitken. 

Thanks to the Camp Doogs team for recording this conversation!


Copyright © 2017 Claudia Mancini, Mei Saraswati, Jennifer Aslett and Rok Riley

This recording has been licensed to the Centre for Stories by the Storytellers. For reproduction and distribution of this recording please contact the Centre for Stories.