Our new Program Director, Sisonke Msimang, chats to RTRFM's Leona Devas in the studio about her new role at the Centre for Stories. 

'What the Centre for Stories exists to do is not to come up with the stories but to amplify the stories. The thing about Perth is that there is a universe of stories. Every person carries a story with theman exciting and interesting story—and maybe we don't yet know how to tell our stories in ways that allow people to hear them because of confidence and a whole range of things. One of the things we're thinking through at the Centre is how we can help to amplify those stories. They're there and we're this little switch that helps to put the light on for the stories be told. Our commitment is to stories that are not mainstream—however you want to define that. Of course, we're very interested in multiculturalism and telling all of the stories that are bubbling under the surface here in Perth about all these communities:  migrant communities—new migrants as well as old migrants.'  Sisonke Msimang, Program Director, Centre for Stories

Have a listen to the full interview here.