As Shrek so eloquently put it, C4S intern Kelly Fox is like an onion: she has many layers to her, and we've certainly enjoyed getting to know her over the past couple of months.  A (modest) woman of many talents—ballroom dancing being one of them—Kelly has bowled us over with her sharp insights, easygoing demeanour and knack for taking beautiful photos around Northbridge, which is why she was the perfect person to start up the C4S Instagram account. Check out her stunning shots here

Describe yourself in 3 words. 

Contradictory; generally kind. (If you want a more sensible answer, my partner says I am strong-willed, logical and caring.)

What are you studying at university and what has been your favourite unit/subject to date?

Even I don’t know what I’m studying at university! I started with philosophy, moved to health science and naturopathy for two years, then came back to arts with screen production, and I am planning to finish with an English and creative writing degree. My favourite unit so far was my second-year creative writing unit, although I’ve also enjoyed professional editing and I had a first year media theory unit that was fascinating.

What does a typical day involve as an intern at the Centre for Stories? What has been your favourite part of the experience?

A typical day involves a lot of social media, planning and scheduling posts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I hunt down cool stories and discussions about stories in the process and contemplate the ‘human-story relationship’. I just came up with that term and it sounds like something someone should write a thesis on, if they haven’t already! The best part about the Centre for Stories though is coming to work with inspiring, energetic people. 

What is your favourite way to consume stories? Do you have a favourite story?

I’d have to say novels. I’m coming around to short stories and I do enjoy film of any length, but being able to immerse myself in someone else’s story world with the duration and depth of a novel was one of the constant joys of my childhood.

My favourite story is the Tawny Man trilogy by Robin Hobb. You have to read the Farseer trilogy first, though.

What does the future hold for Kelly Fox?

Lunch, followed by more social media, and being accosted by my cat, whose favourite place to sit is on whatever book I am reading or script I am working on. But seriously, I don’t really know. What I’d like to do is write novels, and maybe screenplays. So I will try to do that, because despite the gloomy outlook everyone has for the arts, people still need art, someone has to actually do it, and maybe the catch is the work of writing a novel is just as tedious and tiresome as any other work. Humans romanticise things they don’t understand. I’ve worked in music and stage production, events and PR, and none of those things were glamorous either. But if I care about the outcome, I don’t care about the hard stuff.