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Whether you are interested in storytelling for professional development, as a reflective practice, as a vehicle for education, community mobilisation, or advocacy, you will find the assistance you need with us.


We provide project planning and development services including designing community engagement strategies and assisting with fundraising through proposal development.


We source talented producers, storytellers and educators to work with communities to develop their story telling skills and give people the confidence to share their stories.  We tailor workshops and facilitators to each organisation’s needs.


We offer a safe, inclusive and communal environment to host events, storytelling sessions and celebrations.  We have two event spaces, one masterclass space and shared workspaces for use, right in the vibrant heart of Northbridge.


We have resources that can assist with video editing, sound editing and photographic editing.  Whatever our outcome is, whether it is a screening, fundraiser, facebook, youtube or online project, we can assist with the editing, post production and formatting of your stories.


We can provide qualitative research and evaluation of project outcomes.  We do this by surveying those in attendance, viewers and audience to gauge response.

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