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Short Story Book Club

  • Centre for Stories 100 Aberdeen St, Northbridge (map)
A Chinese Affair

A Chinese Affair by Isabelle Li

Wednesday August 3rd 7pm

Facilitated by Dr Anne Ryden

A Chinese Affair brings a new, exciting voice to the Australian literary landscape and is one of the few works of literary fiction in English to explore the experience of Chinese migration.

In sixteen exquisite stories, Isabelle Li explores recent Chinese migration to Australia and elsewhere. Some are explicitly connected, through common characters or incidents; in others, the threads are both allusive and elusive—intergenerational and interracial relationships, the weight of history and indebtedness, the search for meaning, and the muteness peculiar to cultural dislocation and the inexpressibility of self in a second language.

For a copy of this book please order from your local bookshop or purchase direct from Margaret River Press.


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The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories
Cameron Raynes
Wakefield Press 2012

Wednesday 7 September, 7pm

Facilitated by Michelle Michau-Crawford

In these storiesCameron Raynes traverses landscapes of regret, joy and redemption. In a country town, a woman plots to ruin her rival with an act steeped in racism. A welfare worker is asked to spy on a colleague. And in the award-winning title story, a taxi driver accepts a fare he knows he shouldn't:

They headed east, the nude hills of the Geraldton plains, stripped of their trees a century before, leaning into them on both sides as the car climbed into the marginal country. Behind him, Luke heard the gurgle of fluid sluicing out of a bladder and into a cup, smelt the sweet stink of cheap wine. It occurred to him that it was not too late to turn back.

Cameron Raynes is a Perth-born, Adelaide-based writer and teacher. His short story collection, The Colour Of Kerosene, spawned a short film and won the prestigious Josephine Ulrick Literary Prize. He combines teaching Aboriginal history with writing short stories, screenplays and now, a novel First Person Shooter.

 Michelle Michau-Crawford’s debut collection Leaving Elvis and Other Stories was published by UWA Publishing in 2016. She won the ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize in 2013. 

For your copy of this book please purchase from Readings or download as an ebook.