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Bring your talents to the enticing world of the arts and reap all the rewards volunteering has to offer.


What is it?
Becoming a Centre for Stories volunteer is the easiest way to become a team member. Whether you’d like to participate in events, help to produce video stories, assist with marketing or immerse yourself in the world of stories, we cherish your expertise and want you to make our Centre, your Centre.


What’s in it for you?
In return for your valuable time, you could be rewarded with free workshops, invitations to exclusive events and more. You’ll meet new people, enjoy new experiences and gain insight into how the Centre for Stories operates ‘behind the scenes.’ With two event spaces, one masterclass hub, shared office spaces, and a busy kitchen there are so many opportunities to share your knowledge and time for the benefit of the arts and community organisations.


How to become a Centre for Stories Volunteer

We know that volunteering is most rewarding when you are using your skills, experience, knowledge and interests.  Please fill out this short form to tell us what you enjoy doing and how you would like to contribute.


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