We wish to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land we are located on, the Whadjuk people. We wish to acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.

About us

John and Caroline Wood founded the Centre for Stories in 2015 at 100 Aberdeen Street in Northbridge, Western Australia. The Centre collects, shares and preserves stories online and in live events. Our team includes storytellers, writers, poets, sound and visual experts, book club leaders and administrators.  The aim of the Centre is to tell good stories in the hope of strengthening connections between people and encouraging a more inclusive and informed community.


What we do?

The Centre’s live events include dinner conversations, literary readings, book clubs, monthly story telling, short story festivals, writing workshops and personalized mentoring.

Our online content is focused on the Indian Ocean Rim where we collect and curate stories from our region for a global audience. This includes personal stories and interviews, journalistic dispatches and local voices often presented in audio format.


Our Services

We provide a range of services and amenities to individuals, community groups, government agencies and the corporate sector.   Our services are aimed at helping individuals and organisations to tell stories that engage, inform and influence.


§  We offer training in the collection, composition and telling of stories for a variety of audiences, including students.


§  We make short films and publish stories in print and online in written, audio and video formats.


§  We provide professional development training for public servants.  We run workshops to enable public service providers to gain a better understanding of the impact of their service on consumers. We also assist public servants to demonstrate the value of their work.


§  We offer professional development training to teachers who engage students in storytelling.  Workshops involve listening to live storytellers, storytelling training, writing and poetry workshops. We offer half, full day and longer specialist workshops.


§  We work with not-for-profit organisations to tell the story of their organization and their work, as well as the stories of individuals with whom they interact.


§  We work with corporates to tell authentic stories about their people and their corporate social responsibilities.


§  We rent our venue at commercial rates for use by individuals and organisations.